Tomorrow! Free Webinar with Phoenix – The Resurgence of Niche Hotel Values

The Resurgence of Niche Hotel Values:
COVID-19 Impact on Current Value and Our Forecast for Recovery

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

12PM EST / 9AM PST (US and Canada)


Featuring a discussion and Q&A with our CEO and senior executives.


Tomorrow, Phoenix American Hospitality hosts its free investment webinar exploring the past, present, and promising-looking near future of Premium Business Select Hotel values amid the COVID-19 pandemic recovery and beyond.

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Our current offering, American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc. is our 7th fund. After six rounds of successful fundraising with institutions and the very wealthy, we’ve opened the doors to one of the most favored markets to investors of all experience and income levels. That’s because we think this Warren Buffet-esque plan to buy low, sell high, and milk profits along the way is a no-brainer, from which anyone could benefit.

The pandemic has created unique opportunities for profit in niche hotels. With an aim to maximize our potential for returns, we’re specifically targeting Business Select Hotels from premier brands in strategic locations. The strategy is simple:

  1. Buy hotels now, at COVID-depressed rates.

  2. Bring in revenue by leveraging our decades of experience and our roles as owners and operators to improve these hotels’ management and service quality.

  3. Sell our hotels within 3–5 years, with no plans for reinvestment of funds, once their values have matured to preferable “market rates.”

We aim to share the wealth with our shareholders through monthly distributions, targeting an annualized 8% preferred returnplus growth. In other words, if all goes well (and so far it has), you will receive a cash dividend on the 15th of each month, plus a share of any growth achieved on our hotels at the time of their sale.

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There is only one day left to register for this rare opportunity to gain insight on this time-sensitive and potentially lucrative venture in hotel real estate. Don’t miss this chance to ask any questions you might have and hear the answers directly from the high-ups.

Can’t make it live? No worries. So long as you register, we’ll send you a recording when it’s over, which you can watch at any time.

To gain more information on opportunities for monthly income through an investment in PAH, you can also visit our offering page and read through our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

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