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At Phoenix American Hospitality, we are laser focused on acquiring and improving Premium Business Select Hotels

For our seventh offering, American Hospitality Properties REIT, we have, and are still, acquiring hotels by household name-brands (e.g. Marriott, Hyatt, & Hilton) and are distributing profits by improving facilities through our in-house management of these hotels. Our senior management leaders boast decades of hands-on experience profitably buying, owning, managing, and selling Premium Business Select Hotels.

Our niche, premium business select hotels, provides more amenities than budget hotels. They typically offer small meeting spaces and a limited-service restaurant. They offer fewer amenities than resorts. You typically won’t find a concierge, a bellhop, a spa, or room service at most of our hotels, even though they are nationally known brands. These hotels appeal to a broad array of guests, including road-warriors and regional business travelers, small business owners, middle-class leisure travelers, student athletic teams and their families, wedding parties, and way more who are primarily making domestic trips. These properties are attractive in nearly all market climates, offering amongst the highest operating and profit margins in the industry, and they are especially resilient during downturns.

Our type of clientele and business model enables these hotels to fight inflation, due to their ability to rapidly adjust room rate based on travel demand, input costs, length of stay, the period of the booking within the booking window, and more. This power to adjust prices allows us to stay on top of changes in the economy as we aim to deliver consistent profits from month to month.

To see our Residence Inn by Marriott Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach property up close click here. On our YouTube Channel (please subscribe while you are there) you can see more information on our properties, our business model, and view our past webinars where we answer questions from prospective investors.

Stay tuned for our next webinar announcement where we will be discussing our properties and facilities.

While we target an 8% annualized return (paid monthly), we exceeded our goal again in July with a dividend distribution based on a 10% annualized returnWe anticipate our August dividend at 12% annualized (payable to investors of record by 8/31).

We look forward to a potentially larger payout when we sell our hotels in 3-4 years.

To invest, please visit here. On our offering page, you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.

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