Strategy – Investment Criteria

Phoenix American Hospitality (PAH) is an opportunistic hotel fund manager that believes that the current economic and real estate environment has created acquisition opportunities in select markets. We purchase hotels in areas where anticipated new construction is difficult due to high construction costs, availability of top-tier franchises have already been identified and future hotel zoning sites do not present competition. The ability to profit in an opportunistic cycle is based upon our value enhancement strategy.

A sound acquisition policy followed closely by Phoenix American's ability and experience to execute that policy.

Investment Criteria

PAH is focused on investing in both select and full-service hotel properties with the following basic criteria:

Common Equity Investment

Possible through direct acquisition – PAH through its affiliated funds and relationships with institutional investors is able to acquire hotels at favorable terms to the sellers – and Joint Venture investments – PAH is able to partner with exciting hotel owners to provide common equity in form of JV.

PAH can invest both preferred equity and common equity as well as purchase assets outright.

Stick With Strong Brands


Major franchises already in the area, which eliminates any unforeseen future competition


Already making money – Positive cash flow


Already a leader among their competitors


Urban Markets with Business Travel Focus


Purchase below what a new hotel would cost

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