Happy Distribution Day!

Happy Distribution Day!

TODAY Investors of record as of 6/30/22 receive their June distribution
Since our launch, we have exceeded our goal of a preferred return (meaning you get paid before we do) of 8% annualized, distributed monthly. We also target growth, sharing the profits with our Investors when we sell our portfolio of hotels, estimated to be in 3-4 years.

It is repetitive, some may say consistent, but not boring, at least not to us. Exceeding expectations is always good news to us.

Lots of investors have received even more each month because they qualified for bonus shares. We are restructuring that plan and you may want to get in soon to qualify as we are raising our minimum to invest and raising our bonus share qualification on 8/1/22.

Want to receive the next distribution? Invest by 7/31!

Our plan was (and is still) to buy Premium Business Select Hotels at Covid-reduced prices, improve facilities and operations, return and optimize profitability with the resurgence of travel, pay Investors monthly dividends exceeding our goal of 8% (annualized) along the way, and share profits with our investors, when we sell our portfolio of hotels in 3-4 years.

See the chart below to see how much monthly income your investment could have received–and it is not too late to join in.


This chart is based on a 10% annualized return, distributed monthly. We have well exceeded that return in actual distributions.

Our Bonus Share Program is Changing 

At the end of this month we are eliminating extra shares at the $5,000 and $10,000 investment levels, so if you’d like to receive more bang for your buck, on that size investment, act quickly.

See below to calculate the approximate amount of shares you can receive by investing today vs. after August 1st.

To invest, please visit here, and, on that page, you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.

If you’d like to reply to this email, feel free to send us a note at Contact@phoenixamericanhospitality.com.

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