Real, Profitable Assets You Can Touch

Hotels are both businesses and real estate. Real Assets and businesses that can be touched. 

An investment in Phoenix American Hospitality’s REIT is not an investment driven by the ups and downs of the stock market. Instead, you are investing in our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels, sporting households names such as Marriott and Hilton.

We are in the midst of the travel recovery of 2022. The hotels we purchase for this REIT meet stringent criteria. They are strong national brands outside of urban areas with impressive cash flow, market leadership, multiple revenue sources, and competitive room pricing. Importantly, due to hotels’ ability to rapidly adjust room-rate pricing, we are in a prime position to fight inflation.

Take quick tour of our Residence Inn by Marriott, Cape Canaveral Cocoa Beach!

While other hotel acquisition companies may strictly view hotels as real estate investments, we take it further, for us, they’re also investments in operational effectiveness, which increases the probability of success. Because of our leadership’s decades of experience owning and operating hotels, we do not outsource management to another firm. We handle the operations of our hotels in-house, and since we sit on the same side as investors (we benefit from profits from our hotels after our investors), we have every incentive to maximize efficiency and revenues.

How has this REIT performed?

We exceeded our goal again in July with a dividend distribution based on a 10% annualized return, far exceeding our 8% goal.

Soon we will be announcing our next webinar highlighting some of our properties across the Southern and Midwestern United States and discussing why we believe, in addition to our dividend distributions, that everyone in the REIT will benefit when we sell our portfolio of hotels in 3-4 years.

To invest, please visit here. On that page, you can also read our SEC-qualified offering circular.

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