Invest BEFORE Our Bonus Share Program Changes!

Announcing Changes to Our Bonus Shares Plan!

Later this month, we will be introducing changes, starting with raising the minimum investment to receive bonus shares. So if you’d like to receive bonus shares for an investment that is less than $25,000 (our new minimum, our current one is just $5,000) now is the time for you to put your money to work with Phoenix.

We are the REIT that has been exceeding its monthly dividend goals, plus will share profits when we sell our portfolio of Premium Business Select Hotels!

Bonus shares count for monthly dividends AND sharing profits when we sell our hotels.
Phoenix American Hospitality is in the business of purchasing big national brand hotels such as Marriott and Hilton hotels, improving their operations, returning them to profitability, distributing monthly dividends to our Investors, and sharing the profits if all continues to go according to plan when we sell them in 3-4 years. Thus far, we have been highly successful, exceeding our goal of an 8% annualized dividend, distributed monthly.

To invest, please click here. Before you invest, we invite you to read our SEC-qualified offering circular right on the SEC’s website.

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