New Year, New Dividend! PAH Announces Next Shareholder Distribution

The holidays may be over, but investors in Phoenix’s American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc. have yet another treat to look forward to:

Our next cash dividend will be payable on 1/15. This comes as part of our planned series of monthly distributions that aims to pay our investors an annualized 8% “preferred return” each month—meaning shareholders get paid before we at Phoenix see even a dime. January’s distribution will go out to all shareholders of record on 12/31.

We know we send you a similar update every month—but that’s only because we continue to issue dividends.

Please remember, dividends are just one way our investors can make money. Assuming everything goes according to our plan, we’ll also share the proceeds when we sell our hotels, which we expect to do within 3–5 years.

To learn more about the opportunity to earn regular income, plus growth, through an investment in PAH, or to increase your current investment, please visit our offering page and read through our Offering Circular.

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