Your PAH weekend update (monthly income, two new hotels, and even more ways

We Pay You Dividends, You Pay Whoever You WantEVERY MONTH

We say it a lot, but it always bears repeating—we’re paying dividends to our investors every month, based on an 8% annual return. Today, we’re pleased to announce that all investors of record as of February 28th have paid in full. In other words, if you invested in our current 
offering any time before February 28th, chances are you have some money from us sitting in your bank account as you read this email. If you don’t see that deposit by the end of the week, just let us know, and we’ll make sure it gets there.

If you haven’t invested yet, it’s not too late by any means. We’re paying yet another distribution in April to all investors of record on March 31st. Remember, this is a “preferred return,” which means you get paid the full 8% before we see a single penny.

Two More New Hotels = More Profits to Go Around

We recently acquired a preferred interest in two new hotels—Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites. This is the second transaction by American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc., which brings its total to three hotels owned and operated. As you may have guessed, more hotels means more potential profit, and we already have big plans to generate greater cash flow and put more money in your pocket. These new additions to our seventh fund are prime examples of our focus on Premium Business Select Hotels, which we’ve identified as having an unusually high potential for profits amid the ongoing travel rebound.

Keep in mind, monthly distributions aren’t the only way to make money from this offering. If all goes well, we’ll be selling all three of these properties (and more to come) for a profit within 3–5 years, and sharing a large portion of the growth achieved with investors like you.

Picking Our Target, and Aiming for a Bullseye
If you want to learn more about why we’re focusing on strategically located, name-brand hotels for our seventh 
raise, sign up for our free investment webinar on Wednesday, March 30th, at 12 EST / 9 PST.


Tune in to hear our Senior Corporate Director of Human Resources, Kelli Joseph, discuss the advantages of Premium Business Select Hotels in overcoming some of the most common challenges faced in hotel management. Find out how our role as owners and operators can serve to hedge against inflation, and participate in our Q&A addressing your questions.

There are only five days left to register for this virtual event. Don’t miss this chance to hear exclusive details of our “buy low, sell high, and profit along the way” strategy to deliver monthly dividends and growth to our investors. Registration is free and required to join.


Just one more thing…

You know we can’t end an email without a reminder of bonus shares. Now, and only until we reach $20 million in investments, those who invest $1,000 or more into our current offering will receive additional shares at no additional cost. It gets better—the number of bonus shares you receive scales alongside your investment amount, which means you could earn as much as a 15% increase on your monthly income and growth.

With three hotels already acquired and greater potential for profits, we think this is the best time yet to invest. If you ask us, you don’t want to wait until all the bonus shares are gone.

For more information on investing in PAH to receive monthly income and bonus shares, please visit our offering page, where you can also find leadership bios, strategy details, and a link to our Offering Circular.

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