When We Say “Monthly Income,” We Mean Monthly—PAH Announces Next Shareholder

You’ve probably heard, because we say it a lot: we’re already paying our investors monthly income in the form of distributions. In fact, at our last webinar, we talked in detail about how we manage to do this by improving the cash flow of our Premium Business Select Hotels. Well, this month is no different.

Our next cash dividend will be payable on 3/15. As part of our planned series of distributions based on an 8% annual preferred return, we’re sharing profits with our investors every month—and we’re making sure you get paid all 8% before we see a dime. March’s distribution will go out to all shareholders of record on 2/28, which means it’s not too late to make an investment and start receiving monthly income.

Plus, with our newly introduced system of bonus shares, those who invest $1,000 or more in Phoenix will receive additional shares at no additional cost. And yes, we factor those extra shares into your monthly dividends. The number of bonus shares you receive scales alongside your investment amount, but there are only so many to go around (this limited offer ends when we hit $20 million in invested capital), so be sure to grab them while you still can.

Remember, these dividends are just one way for our investors to make money. If all goes according to plan, we’ll also sell our hotels within 3–5 years, and share those profits with investors as well (our target IRR is 20%).

For more information on monthly income, bonus shares, and the potential for capital growth—or to invest in PAH—please visit our offering page. There, you can chat with a real Phoenix employee (just click “Chat” in the bottom-right) and find a link to our newly updated Offering Circular.

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