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Welcome to American Hospitality Properties REIT, Inc., Phoenix American Hospitality’s premium business select hotel fund. We appreciate your interest in this exciting venture.

As the CEO of Phoenix American Hospitality, I’m pleased to announce that our next cash dividend will be payable on 12/15. This distribution will be $0.20 per $10.00 share and will go out to all shareholders of record on 11/30.

As a reminder, here’s how else you can benefit from this REIT:

  1. Targeting 8% preferred return, paid monthly, plus capital appreciation. For this offering, we’ve made it our goal to achieve a strong internal rate of return. We’re giving our investors 100% of the first 8% of returns, and we’re making sure they get paid before we do. On top of these planned regular distributions, our investors will reap the benefits of capital gains if any property values increase.

  2. Potential return of capital within 3–5 years. We’ve already thought this through to the end. Within 3–5 years, we expect to liquidate our investments (i.e. sell our hotels) with no plans to reinvest capital. Once we do so, investors stand to earn back their initial investments, plus or minus appreciation.

  3. Capitalizing on the rebounding hospitality industry. As COVID restrictions gradually lift, hotels everywhere are seeing recovery. We’re coming in just in time to invest in and acquire hotels at low rates—and build them into profitable sources of revenue. As an added bonus, because we didn’t acquire any hotels at pre-COVID values, our earnings—and thus yours—aren’t dragged down by legacy assets.

  4. Dedication to quality. While most hospitality acquisition firms outsource management, we own and operate our hotels. Focusing on premier brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt, our team is constantly boosting the performance of our hotels using their decades of hands-on experience.

  5. Opening the door to hotel real estate investing for all. With this Reg A+ offering, we’re democratizing a sector of investing traditionally reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Now, you too can enjoy some of the luxuries of commercial real estate investing such as regular income, capital appreciation potential, and portfolio diversification.

Keep an eye out for future emails—we’ll be sending updates on distributions and property acquisitions.

As my “Uncle Warren” always says, “Buy low; sell high.” We’ve already got the first part down. Now, we’re doing all we can to make a profit—and as we do, we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

Best regards,

W.L. “Perch” Nelson
President & CEO
Phoenix American Hospitality LLC

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