Upcoming FREE Webinar! How Hotels Fight Inflation

Phoenix has a proven track record of delivering monthly dividends through owning AND operating strategically purchased hotels. 

With inflation rates increasing from 2021 to 2022, now may be the time for you to diversify your portfolio through alternative investments. With stocks and bonds being highly affected, now may be the time to put your money into real, physical assets; assets that are also a business making money today from another timely trend, travel demand.

Join us for a FREE webinar June 23rd 12pm EST / 9AM PST entitled “Pricing Power: How Hotels Fight Inflation.” We invite you to learn our business model, buying and operating hotels at COVID-reduced prices, which we believe is well-positioned to thrive in today’s economic climate, particularly the increase in travel. Because hotels are able to change room rates daily, even hourly, they can respond to rapid changes in consumer demand and input costs. We focus on Premium Business Select Hotels which often have short-term bookings and large events coming through town. We hand select hotels which have multiple reasons to be booked, beyond just doing business.

This is how, particularly in a time of rising demand, we have delivered dividends, which thus far are over and above our 8% preferred rate (distributed monthly). 

Register for the webinar HERE.

If you have any questions about our structure, track record of success, our properties, our monthly distribution, or anything else relating to Phoenix we encourage you to join us June 23rd. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session where we will be to take all your questions.

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To invest now, please visit our offering page, here you can also find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

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