To receive this month’s distribution, invest by 5-31! (It will exceed our goal – again)


Thank you for your interest in our offering which has an 8% annual preferred return (paid monthly) plus growth. We are very proud to announce that for the six (6) months ending March 31st, our Investors have received 12.79% annualized distribution–which is over the planned 8%. As a REIT we are required to distribute our profits.

Investing in Phoenix may be the solution to your monthly income needs and longer-term investment goals. Our incentive: depending on the amount invested, you could receive bonus shares, increasing your returns even more!

For more information, please visit our offering page, where you will be able to invest if you feel Phoenix is a good fit. There you will also find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular and our investor packet.

Now that you have my contact information, please feel free to contact me with any

And remember, we are Investors too (at the same terms as you)!

Thank you,

Audrey Kamin
Senior Vice President, Distribution

National Accounts Manager
Phoenix American Hospitality, LLC
14643 Dallas Parkway, Ste. 970
Dallas, Texas 75254
Direct: 971-231-9292

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