The Travel Comeback of 2022 is Heating Up and Can be an Inflation Fighter

You may have missed it! May’s dividend, which was distributed earlier this week, was at a 10% annualized rate. The next dividend will be distributed on 7/15 to shareholders of record by 6/30.
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Major Hotel Brands (which we own) are predicting high hotel prices and high levels of travel this summer. 

If you have been following our emails, you know we have been discussing “Pricing Power,” the ability for hotels to rapidly adjust prices to changes in demand and input costs. This is an especially useful ability in inflationary periods. The hotel industry concurs and this secret weapon is the subject of our upcoming webinar.

Despite rising inflation and a declining economy, the hotel industry is not seeing a slowdown. Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta predicted their hotel chain will “have the biggest summer we’ve seen in our 103-year history this summer.” Marriott CEO Tony Capuano said that over Memorial Day weekend the company’s revenue per available room was up about 25% in 2022 compared to 2019. Even with these rates, there is still room for potentially profitable price increases, considering a high level of demand for travel as cooped up people are ready to get out.

At Phoenix, we are using this economic climate to our advantage. We have in place a “preferred rate” which is structured so that our Investors will receive a preferred return of 8% annualized before we receive any profits. Since launching our latest offering, we have exceeded this goal. We specialize in Premium Business Select Hotels, hotels which we see thriving in the current climate.

Join us Thursday, June 23rd 12PM EST / 9AM PST for a FREE webinar “Pricing Power: How Hotels Fight Inflation,” to learn more about how we are already leveraging our experience as hotel owners and operators to navigate the current economic climate.


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