QandA Investment History of Hotels why so many new investors in April

We had viewers of our last webinar submit some important frequently asked questions to us! 

If you are an interested investor in Phoenix, you may be having some of these same questions. We answered questions such as “what is your historic paid % cash distribution?”, “what is your hold period?”, and “are you still buying hotels today at COVID-depressed pricing?”

As you know, we’re taking advantage of the travel comeback of 2022. As the severity of the pandemic dies down, we expect Business Select Hotels to continue to make a profitable comeback. To the last question on hotel pricing we respond…

Yes. Hotel Valuation is based on… read more here.

This month, we are paying out a 10% monthly dividend on May 15th to investors of record as of April 30th. This is above the 8% preferred rate we have been distributing. We are already delivering on our goal to provide monthly income, and if all remains on plan, we are aiming to distribute substantial growth when we sell our hotels.

We believe that paying out steady returns to investors over the past several months has helped build our reputation for consistent monthly income. We think this is why more and more people have been investing in Phoenix’s REIT. 

On that note we have updated our bonus share plan, get in now while investing still includes bonus shares.

You can now view our webinar “Benefiting from the Travel Rebound – Learning From the Past: What Historical Performance Predicts for Business Select Hotels” on our YouTube Channel or our website. The written Q&A is on our website.

For more information regarding investing with Phoenix, please visit our offering page where you can find our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

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