New month new dividend! (Yes, we do this EVERY month!)

Monthly Income + Bonus Shares + Growth + IRA Benefits…You Do the Math

Does the phrase “8% annual return, paid monthly” resonate? If you’ve been following our Premium Business Select Hotel REIT, it probably does. That’s the rate we’re already paying our investors at—and yes, this month is the same.

We are proud to be paying dividends each month, and we understand the varying needs of our investors for monthly income.

Our next cash dividend will be payable on 4/15. This comes as part of our “preferred return” structure of incentivizing performance, mandating that our investors get paid the full 8% before we at Phoenix see a dime. It’s not too late to join our rapidly growing investor group for this and future distributions. This dividend will go out to all shareholders of record on 3/31.

Remember, with our recently introduced system of bonus shares, now may be the best time to get the most out of an investment in PAH. Now, and for a limited time only (until we reach $20 million in invested capital), we’re giving additional shares at no extra cost to anyone who invests $1,000 or more into our current offering. And since the number of bonus shares you receive scales along your investment amount, you could earn as much as a 15% increase on your monthly income from Phoenix. Talk about a nice fit!

Here’s another great pairing: this investment is IRA-friendly. By putting the money you make through our monthly distributions into a self-directed IRA (easily created through our investment portal), you could avoid paying income tax on up to $6,000 of earnings* (and $7,000 if you’re 50 or older). And as an added perk, you’ll be saving up for retirement while protecting your income from market volatility. The deadline to contribute to an IRA this year is April 18th, which means it’s not too late to save money by investing in Phoenix.

Keep in mind, the monthly dividends we’re already paying to our investors is just one way to make money from our Premium Business Select Hotel REIT. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be selling our hotels for a profit within 3–5, at which point we’ll share the majority of growth achieved with our shareholders.

To learn more about opportunities for profit through an investment in PAH, and how we’re taking advantage of the travel rebound in an effort to maximize returns, please visit our offering page. There, you can also chat with a real Phoenix employee, and find a link to our newly updated Offering Circular.

*Please consult your tax professional for personalized advice.

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