Investing levels to have your monthly income pay the bills

Here’s a question we get a lot: 
“How much do I need to invest to earn $500 every month?”

We have been paying an 8% annualized rate. Now, we pay distributions every month, so that’s 1/12th of 8%. Doing the math, to receive $500 each month, you’d need to have made a $75,000 total investment (and potentially less, if you act soon and take advantage of our limited bonus shares offer).

This return does NOT include growth. Our goal estimated return is more than 20% per year, assuming all goes well and we sell our hotels in 2-3 years.

With everyone’s unique needs in mind, we created the following chart to help show exactly what you can expect to earn each month based on what you put into this offering.

*For information about increasing bonus shares on an investment over $25,000, please use the chat function on our offering page to set up a call with a team member.

We already own a preferred interest in three hotels, but this offering is still open, and as we raise capital, we intend on acquiring more.

Our strategy is simple: “buy low, sell high, and profit along the way.” We’ve purchased all of our hotels at COVID-reduced rates (and will continue to do so) to capitalize on the ongoing travel comeback of 2022. By actively improving the operations and facilities of our hotels, we aim to achieve a strong cash flow and increase the value of each property to achieve maximum returns. And so far, everything is going according to plan.

For more information on earning monthly income through an investment in our Premium Business Select Hotel REIT, you can visit our offering page and where you can also read our SEC qualified Offering Circular.

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