How’s that for a comeback-US Hotels Reach All-Time Weekly High ADR!

A January report by data firm STR revealed that the final week of 2021 saw an all-time weekly high for U.S. Average Daily Rate (ADR). For those unfamiliar, ADR is a performance indicator in the hotel industry that refers to the average rental revenue earned for an occupied room per day. In other words, this record-breaking ADR means hotels are coming back with a vengeance, likely because of the travel rebound amid COVID recovery in parts of the country. The Top 25 Markets, which set the pace for nationwide hotel performance, together reached nearly $200 in ADR, with Norfolk/Virginia Beach leading the charge. And is it any coincidence that the city of Phoenix registered the largest ADR increase of all (up 36.9% to $155.71)? For more details, check out the full article here.

This recent news seems to confirm what we’ve always thought—that now may be the time to invest in hotels.

That’s yet another reason we’ve implemented our new system of bonus shares. In case you missed it, now, and for a limited amount of shares, those who invest $1,000 or more into Phoenix’s current offering will receive additional shares at no extra cost.* What better way to take advantage of this moment in hotel performance? With bonus shares, you’ll earn greater monthly income based on our 8% annual return, paid monthly, AND greater profits when, assuming all goes according to plan, we sell our hotels at increased values.

You can even invest through a self-directed IRA to save money by shielding, or at least deferring, these earnings from taxes.**

And we didn’t forget our existing investors. We’re giving bonus shares retroactively to anyone who invested in this offering at an earlier stage—our gift to you!

See the table below for details:

 Earn as many as 375 extra shares (a 15% bonus) with your investment!

Want to learn more? Real Phoenix employees are there to help. Just visit our offering page and click on the box labeled “Questions? Chat with us” in the bottom right corner.

We’ve also filled our offering page with tons more information about investing in PAH—including webinars, team bios, an investment guide, and the specifics of this REIT’s strategy to capitalize on the current travel rebound and share profits with investors. You can also find a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular.

*This offer expires when $20,000,000 of invested capital is reached.
** Ask your tax professional for personalized advice.

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