April U.S. group meetings volume increased 58.5% over the previous month, according to data from Knowland.

As we move past the one year mark when lockdowns began in the U.S., Knowland will now be comparing average attendees and average space used market data to its 2019 numbers. As bigger cities such as New York and Las Vegas begin to reopen to pre-COVID standards, the company anticipates group volume to increase significantly in the coming months. This is another positive sign that meetings are happening and sales teams need to be prepared to manage the sales marathon heading their way.

  • The average number of attendees in April was 63, compared to 74 in the same month in 2019.
  • The average space used in April was 2,640 sq. ft., while meetings in April 2019 averaged 2,322 sq. ft.
  • While average space used is still greater due to the six-ft. social distancing rule, there is a steady decrease as restrictions begin to lift.
  • The top five growth markets in April were Anaheim, CA; Chicago; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; and San Antonio.
  • Corporate meetings continue to represent the largest market segment, with healthcare, training/education, technology, manufacturing and entertainment and media as the biggest producers in the segment.

“April continued its path of improvement,” said Kristi White, VP, product management, Knowland. “Four of the top growth markets were impacted significantly by COVID restrictions early in the year. However, since restrictions loosened, they have rebounded quickly. Additionally, meeting sizes are stabilizing to prior-year levels. Over the next few months—as more markets loosen up—meeting numbers and size should increase even more.”

Knowland: U.S. meetings and events continue on path of improvement