More in Your Pocket—Self-Directed IRA + Bonus Shares = Informed Investing!

‘Tis the season—that is, everyone’s least favorite season. Tax season. Time to sift through the muck and grime of old documents and receipts.

Let’s cut to the chase. Our offering provides monthly income and growth from our original investment. If you’re receiving this email, you probably already understand the benefits. What you may not know is that you can save money by shielding, or at least deferring, these earnings from taxes.*


With a self-directed IRA funded with an 8% preferred return, paid monthly, from Phoenix American Hospitality.

A self-directed IRA lets you invest in any asset of your choosing—even those not yet on the stock market (and that includes us). You still get all the benefits of a regular IRA, but with the added bonus of being able to diversify and personalize your portfolio. Add to that consistent passive income through an investment in PAH, and one day, you may be sitting pretty.

You can sign up for a self-directed IRA through our offering page. When making your investment in PAH (by clicking the “INVEST NOW” button), open a self-directed IRA and make your investment through that account. It’s that simple! And what’s more, our partner is waiving its fees for the first year!

The deadline to contribute to an IRA is April 18th. Until then, you can still stash up to $6,000 ($7,000 if you’re 50 or older) to save on 2021 income tax.

As a reminder, here are just a few of the benefits to having a self-directed IRA funded with PAH:

  • The security of saving money for your retirement in a secure, tax-sheltered account
  • Avoid paying income tax on up to $6,000 of income (it’s as though you didn’t make it and it was paid directly to your IRA instead)
  • Protection from market volatility in the form of a hard asset (our Premium Select Business Hotels)
  • Earn money through an 8% annual preferred return, paid monthly, plus a portion of any growth achieved

Hold on, though. We’re not done yet.

You may have heard—just last week, we introduced a system of bonus shares. For a limited time only, those who invest $1,000 or more into our offering will receive additional shares at no additional cost.** That means more passive income (IRA-friendly) based on our 8% annual return, paid monthly, AND increased investment capital when we sell our hotels and share a portion of any profits achieved, assuming all goes according to plan.

And to all our existing investors, don’t worry—you didn’t miss out. Anyone who invested in this offering at an earlier stage will receive bonus shares retroactively—our treat!

See the table below for details:

Earn as many as 375 extra shares (a 15% bonus) with your investment!

To learn more, check out our offering page, where you can chat with a real Phoenix employee (not someone in some call center somewhere). Just click the box labeled “Questions? Chat with us” in the bottom right corner.

Also on our offering page is a boatload more information on investing in PAH, including this REIT’s strategy to capitalize on the current travel rebound, how you get paid before we do (our incentive to perform), and a link to our SEC-qualified Offering Circular. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

*Ask your tax professional for personalized advice.
**This offer expires when $20,000,000 of invested capital is reached.

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