A Recovering Hotel Industry.
A Remarkable Investment Opportunity.

Now may be the time to invest in hospitality. Like every industry, hospitality has suffered through COVID shutdowns – but we believe there is a quick recovery for hotels with the right business model.

That may mean now is an ideal time to invest.

Phoenix American Hospitality invests in and acquires performing hotels – and strives to make them perform even better. With decades of experience and an institutional investor partnering with us, now may be the time for individual investors like you to diversify your portfolio with an investment in the hospitality sector.

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Discover the Phoenix American Hospitality Difference


How did we grow the value of a single property by 20 million dollars in 5 years?

  • We bought a select-service hotel with a trusted brand
  • We reduced expenses
  • We implemented pricing strategies
  • We renegotiated group contracts

Why are hotels a potential investment opportunity?

Select-service hotels — the type of hotel where regional business travelers often stay, with free breakfast but no full restaurant or conference center — tend to be more profitable, and they're expected to recover as the pandemic subsides.

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    The Investment Opportunity Many are Missing
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